Sabrina Morena, “Asbestos without borders”

Sabrina Morena during the spectacleThe EARA onlus, with the contribution of the Municipality of Trieste and in collaboration with the Regional Office of Education andTeatrobàndus organized on Tuesday, February 28th, from 10.30 to 13.00, at the main lecture hall of ISIS ‘Carducci-Dante ‘, ‘Asbestos without borders’, a show written and directed by Sabrina Morena.
‘Asbestos without borders’ is primarily for young people, particularly for high school students, who still know little or nothing about the asbestos problem. Two classes of ISIS ‘Carducci – Dante’, and one from technical institute ‘Galvani’, all accompanied by their teachers, watched the show. There also was a delegation of the Slovenian asbestos-exposed union, Zveza SABS.
‘Asbestos without borders’, a nimble performance with actress Giustina Testa, tells the history of asbestos production in Europe, the lethal effects on workers in the quarries, factories, construction sites and the population living in surrounding areas. It highlights the shameful blindness and silence of all those who shut their eyes when confronted with the negative data from the analysis on asbestos. With irony and sarcasm it describes the cynicism of those who, despite all evidence of toxicity of the substance, continued to produce and sell the products, polluting the environment. It exalts the battle for health and information that have been made and announced those who are still to be done. The story focuses on the territories and the situations dealing with EARA’s member associations, namely Slovenia, Croatia, and of course Friuli Venezia Giulia with its capital, Trieste, its citizens, its employees, its associations that are fighting for the protection of the environment.
Just before the beginning of the show, which lasted an hour and a half, the environment assessor of the Municipality of Trieste, Prof. Umberto Laureni, brought the greetings from his administration, together with representatives of the association, councelor Paolo Hikel, former consul of the port company, and ‘EARAnews’ editor-in-chief, Roberto Fonda. At the end followed a brief discussion with interventions and questions from students and the public in attendance.
All the main newspapers and broadcasting of Friuli Venezia Giulia Were informed of the event. A short reportage of the show was performed by the local news Telequattro within the midday and evening editions. An extensive report was published by the local slovene language newspaper ‘Primorski Dnevnik’ in the Wednesday, February 29th edition. The regional RAI radio news in the morning edition announced the event, while newspaper ‘Il Piccolo’ limited himself to a scant paragraph in the page of culture and shows.