The European Asbestos Risks Association (EARA) was founded in Trieste on January 9, 2008, in order to promote important initiatives to inform public opinion (and especially the younger generations), without unnecessary alarmism, the dangers and diseases caused by the use of asbestos; the legislative and social security issues related thereto; state of the art, on one hand, on the progress made by medical and scientific research to fight these diseases and, on the other hand, on environmental issues, such as prevention, bonifications and disposal of waste containing asbestos.
EARA has a partnership with various realities, particularly at international level, in a inter-regional and cross-border perspective according to EU’s pillar of subsidiarity.
EARA also took part to the European project ABClean – Leonardo da Vinci ‘Making the EU clean of asbestos’, together with professional realities of the private and public sector, as well as research centers from Spain, Finland, England, Lithuania, Poland and Belgium. The project aims, on one side, to improve prevention and safety at work with training, and on the other, to provide an on-line support which includes theoretical courses and practical applications.

Besides, EARA has been and is often invited to numerous initiatives (conferences, seminars, round tables, etc.) at local, national and international level, where its members participate and take the floor.

Board of council

President: Albano Marusic

Vice President: Luigi Gaspardo

Secretary and Treasurer: Renato Milazzi

Counselors: Livio Postogna, Vjeran Piršić.