Asbestos Infopoint

EARA informs that the Asbestos Infopoint located at the Maggiore Hospital (tel. 040 399 22 62) reopens to the public on Wednesday, September 23, from 9.30 to 12.00 am, with help desk service, also by appointment, by calling ph. +39 040 26 02 203 or sending an email to
Entrance from the main door in Piazza dell’Ospitale; it is mandatory to wear the mask.

EARA recalls that the Asbestos Infopoint in Muggia is not currently accessible to the public, and assistance will be ensured by email or phone only. So please call members Gianni Menegazzi (mob. +39 328 – 79 67 440) and Livio Postogna (mob. +39 328 41 93 859) or write to


XV World Day for Asbestos Victims

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


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