The CRUA (Regional Centre for Asbestos) of Monfalcone (Go) has recently provided data regarding the number of those people exposed to asbestos who in the past twenty years have developed dangerous pleural plaques.
Six hundred are the subjects monitorized, while – regarding the same period of time – 323 were the ones who died in the city of Shipyards (533 throughout the province of Gorizia, with an incidence of 66%). Gualtiero Pin, the assessor for Environmental policies of the local municipality, as well as EARA counsellor, pictured the situation to the press following the resolution approved by the town council led by Mayor Slivia Altran for the development of CRUA’s structure. However, the Court of Gorizia, after sixteen months have passed from the First judgment of the ‘Asbestos’ trial, has not yet received the motivations.
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