Summon of Annual Members Assembly

The annual M.A. is summoned for Thursday, March 12th , 2015 at 7:00 am on first call and second call at 10.30 am at Eko Kvarner’s seat in Njivice (Island of Krk – Croatia), Primorska 10 (as established by EARA’s social statute, art. nr. 8), with the following agenda :
1 ) Appointment of President and Secretary of the Assembly;
2 ) Check of powers;
3 ) Moral, technical and financial reports of the president, with reading and approving of the financial statements: final budget (2014) and new budget (2015);
4 ) Approval of final and new budgets;
5 ) Examination of the associative activities program for the current year, and approval;
6 ) Internal members reorganization;
7 ) Co-opting of new members;
8 ) Other.
The ordinary session will be followed by an extraordinary session with the following agenda:
1 ) Reading and approval of new organic internal rules, and consequent resolutions.
Paolo Tomatis,