Record of amounts from New Delhi: Public prosecutor Mr. Raffaele Guariniello opens investigation
Report by
Massimiliano Peggio – La Stampa (Turin)

Asbestos workers (LA STAMPA)

“The discovery is surprising and chilling at the same time: despite the ban since 1992, Italy imported in 2012 large amounts of asbestos from India, one of the main importers with 1040 tons. It’s all written in official documents. This was also confirmed by the Customs.”
To unravel this commercial business, witnessed by governmental acts illustrated with tables and percentages, is the Public prosecutor of Turin, Dr. Raffaele Guariniello, the magistrate who fought in courtrooms the deadly effects of the mineral-killer, leading to trial the magnates of Eternit factories, leaders in the production of asbestos made materials. This story has opened an investigation to clarify all the responsibilities in the management of asbestos import and the use of the material. At the moment there are no suspects or alleged offenses.