A unique text of law against asbestos

Considering the issues disccussed and the conclusions of the National Asbestos Assembly organized by the President of the Commission for accidents at work of the Senate, EARA onlus urges the need for approval of a unique text of law against asbestos, and strongly supports the continuation and acceleration of asbestos bonifications, particularly in schools, and of friable ACMs, and supports research to find a suitable system for the inerting of it.
Furthermore, EARA onlus urges the Mayors of Trieste, Monfalcone and Muggia to intervene by the end of December 2015 at the Regional Department for Environment, which must send this request to the Ministry of Environment, so to include the respective territories in the list of National interest sites, where they are currently inexplicably excluded.
Finally, it is emphasized that the National Plan for Asbestos, pompously adopted in Venice three years ago and presented in Casale Monferrato a short time later, is still stuck in the State-Regions Conference due to objections of the Ministry of Economy and Finance on its funding.