Trade union Zveza SABS, in collaboration with EARA onlus, organized on Friday, December 20th , 2013 a Seminar on ‘Strengthening the immunity system of people’, for students of secondary schools, with a report of Dr. Alenka Kafol, allergist and pneumologist; the mission was to improve quality of life against risks tied to asbestos exposure. Fifty and more were the students of secondary schools from the city of Nova Gorica. The Seminar was attended by the Slovenian MEP Ivo Vaigl, who held a short speech, and by the Italian assessors for environment Mara ?ernic (Province of Gorizia) and Gualtiero Pin (Municipality of Monfalcone).
After the Seminar followed a lecture in Slovene language of the show’s ‘Azbest Brez meja – Asbestos without borders’ text, by Sabrina Morena (a production of Teatro Stabile Sloveno, Trieste), with an excellent performance of actress Nikla Petruška Panizon, applauded at the end of her exhibition.
The main purpose of the event was to raise awareness among the public, especially young people, on the dangers of asbestos for human health, which could contribute significantly to the reduction of early mortality among the exposed population.
After the seminar and before the lecture of ‘Azbest Brez Meja’, a short press conference organized by Zveza SABS took place.
The event was held in the morning at the Conference Hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Crafts in Nova Gorica (SLO).