At the Municipal Library in Monfalcone on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 6th a Conference on ‘Life’s end of Asbestos’ took place, organized by the local Municipality in cooperation with our association and AeA ‘Asbestos never again – Amianto mai più’. It was surely a good opportunity to take view of the progresses made by research in the field of inertization of asbestos-containing materials with the help of new technologies.
The speakers were:
prof. Norberto Roveri, teacher of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Director of the LEBSC (Laboratory of Environmental and Biological Structural Chemistry) at the University of Bologna;
p.i. Michele Pellarini, technical manager of the new storage center for asbestos, Friulana Ambientale of Codroipo (UD);
dr. Paolo Barbina, head of the Reference Center for Asbestos in Monfalcone;
dr. Enrico Bullian, historian and representative of the Asbestos Regional Commission FVG;
arch. Gualtiero Pin, assessor for Environment, Municipality of Monfalcone;
Mara ?ernic, assessor for Environment, Province of Gorizia;
dr. Paolo Tomatis, president of EARA onlus;
Mr. Diego Dotto, secretary of AeA ‘Asbestos never again – Amianto mai più’, Monfalcone.