2016 Annual Members Assembly

The annual M.A. is summoned for Tuesday, April 26^th , 2016 at 7:00 am on first call and second call at 4.45 pm at SPI-CGIL Trade Union’s seat in Muggia (Trieste), via G. Mazzini 3, (as established by EARA’s social statute, art. nr. 8), with the following agenda :

1) Appointment of President and Secretary of the Assembly;

2) Check of powers;

3) Moral, technical and financial reports of the president, with reading and approving of the financial statements: final budget (2015) and new budget (2016);

4) Approval of final and new budgets;

5) Examination of the associative activities program for the current year, and approval;

6) Proposal for extension of the term of social pending charges until statutory changes;

7) Co-opting of new members;

8) Other.

Summon in PDF format