EARA onlus established an International Scientific Committee, with coordination tasks and composed of eminent personalities who will be able to express their authoritative opinion in the field of expertise. This implies the possibility of a dialogue and exchange of views in the context of a network which our organization aims to develop in course of journey.
There are three areas in which members of the committee will be able to discuss:

  • – legal, and social welfare, thereby aiming to possible harmonization in the EU;
  • – medical / epidemiological, with particular approach to the research community;
  • – environment, with a view to mapping and land clean-up

In the Area reserved for the Scientific Committee, you can have access only by password assigned to the members themselves. Anyone who wishes, can send to our e-mail addresses ( or documents relating to asbestos and for that matter inherent, in the specificity, the three themes mentioned above. It is our responsibility to place those documents in the relevant area, confirming that they will be visible only to the owners of the password.